Friday, February 23, 2007

Uniting the separatists and I am nobody!

This curious news on invited my attention. Not from a political or nationalists' point of view, but just the usage of the words in the headline, I thought, was interesting.

Separatist as can be guessed is concerned with separation of land/people/ etc. etc. from the parent entity. As the headline suggests, the separatists are urged to unite!

Only the other day I was watching Independence Day. In one of the scenes during the climax, the Hero's father assumes the role of a rabbi and asks others to join him in a prayer (that the mankind be saved). One of the laid off army chief politely says, "I am not a jew," and the Rabbi replies, "nobody is perfect." At the first thought, this sounds extremely arrogant statement involving the debatable questions of which religion is better, etc. On second thoughts, I realized that the statement did not make much sense. (it's quite different from saying, "not everybody is perfect!"). Think again.

Hope I am making some sense here!

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