Sunday, February 04, 2007

First two of 2007

After a long time, finally I got time to go book-shopping again. This was the first time in this year 2007. As I wrote about the movie, "The Usual Suspects," I got the chance to buy two books which I always wanted to.
  1. A Corner of a Foreign Field, by Ramachandra Guha: Hugely entertaining Indian history of the British sport called Cricket. While skipping through the Preface, I never realized I was already into the first chapter...and almost half of it!
  2. Godan, by Munshi Premchand: Hailed as the best novel ever written in Hindi. All along, I have always heard about this book. Looking forward to actually reading it.

Should come up with the reviews soon. Of late, despite reading quite some books, I haven't done any reviews; which I think I should. It's only the question of time, I guess.

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