Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Usual Suspects

There are certain movies which one has always wanted to watch, but for one reason or the other one has not got any chance to watch them.

The Usual Suspects ranked very high in my personal list of such movies. So, after ~12 years it was made, today I got the chance to watch it on Sony Pix. Since the last couple of weeks my cable operator has started showing Sony Pix, which is quite a remarkable movie channel. The channel is quite remarkable for it hardly does any third party product promotions called advertisements and sticks to showing upcoming movie trailers during the breaks. So, far I have quite enjoyed watching a couple of Sidney Poitier movies and another classic called "Eye of the Needle."

Anyway, the movie channel is hardly the topic for this post.

I do not want to play spoilsport and reveal the mystery behind the villainous legend of Keyser Soze, but still would like to emphasize how engrossing the whole movie was. Although only within last few metres of the movie reel the genius of the director is revealed, almost the entire movie before that scene builds a stage for the final class act. The story is told in flash-back by Kevin Spacey, who plays 'verbal' Kint. He does wonders irritating the interrogating detective and slowly takes control of the viewer's mind.

I could describe the movie as a Action/Crime/Thriller movie and be done with it - and that would not only be injustice to the quality but rather an insult. Yet, for the time being, I am left short of words and am looking through the schedules for a re-run to watch.

This flick sure does deserve a re-watch. If you happen to have time when it's being aired again, DON'T MISS IT!

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