Friday, January 26, 2007

A busy day...

A very long day indeed.
The busy day drags along
Merges with the night quite late.
On the way back, I am stuck in endless traffic.
The tired traffic lights are asleep.
As I await,
My turn to join another stream of traffic
I see the moon.
I see one coconut tree.
I feel the wind.
Brushing past me, to the leaves.
Taking my thoughts along with it.
To it.

I see the moon.
And three heads.
Watching the moon.
With their backs turned to me.
Answering the nature's call.
The wind continues to blow.
As if to the moon;
and I rejoin
Another stream of heavy traffic.

Another busy day.
Returns home.

1 comment:

Riya said...

Is it some poetry..?...its nice :)