Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Reality Show

Sony TV is broadcasting a programme called "Big Boss," which I couldn't hate more. Some seemingly stupid and overly hyped actors (I should rather use the word, characters) are let loose in one house for three months on their own. All they need to do is follow orders from the Big Boss. There are cameras all around the place and the microphones capture each and every word that is spoken (which in most cases is not worth noting).

I have not seen much of the show (I hate it, remember?), but I think the whole idea of this kind of reality show is a big letdown. Even I can think of better ways to doing this programme-

Get three or four musicians, three or four writers, three or four theatre personalities. Put them in a room and ask them to debate on their means of expression. Let them ask each other about the latest ideas of the trade, and what next heights they can reach. Let them learn from each other some nuances which they always wanted to learn, let them ask questions which they always wanted to ask. I know it sounds more like the weekly interview-among-the-renowned-personalities column that appears in The Hindu. Only thing is to the limitations of a written medium, the above reality show concept can add the audio-visual medium. The painter can quickly show how a stroke of brush can change the mood of the painting. The actor can quickly enact the latest piece written by the author. The musician can add his own magic to the programme. All in all, for sure, it would turn out to be a very good creation. Unlike the meaningless talk on the Big Boss show.

What I described may be very arts-specific. However, It need not be so. You may invite journalists and politicians, or sportspersons and commentators, Tech-gurus and management gurus, Fashion designers and film producers, planning commission guys and economists, bird watchers and scuba divers: put here anything that you think would educate the participants and the audience in the best possible way. These gentlemen and ladies would be top-most in their fields and would be ever ready to share their views and learnings while they struggled to reach their coveted positions.

This type of a programme would not be a 'reality show,' as such, but at least the personalities would be real ones, and what they would enlighten us would be nothing short of real treasure.

I am still waiting for the non-sports, non-news, non-movies, non-NatGeo-type channels to come up with one different kind of interesting program worth a full-length blog post.

Or, maybe, I have just directed them to a million dollar idea. Who knows!

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