Saturday, December 09, 2006

For a Change

If you are looking at the address bar once again to see if you have arrived at the intended blog or not, rest assured, for you have.

The hosts decided to offer me the upgrade to blogger in beta and I decided to accept the offer. For last almost four years, this blog has persisted with the three column-blue theme (of which I can no longer find the original source). The all new blogger offers benefits of sorting by "labels" or categories which I found quite useful.

Some of the things that still need improvement include a robust editor. I have lost couple of longish posts due to hiccups in blogger's server. And you know how frustrating it is to re-write the same thing again. It in not only the time that is lost, but at time I have abandoned the whole idea of re-posting!

Hope the reader finds the new layout satisfactory. Leave comments if you have some interesting hacks/improvements in mind. I would surely like to try them out.

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