Wednesday, November 08, 2006

If Wishes were Horses

A colleague in US has a single seater plane of his own. Another one has three horses. Isn't that interesting?

I imagine myself riding to work on a horse. Fellow travelers would look at me with awe. I would politely turn down their requests for a quick lift.

"Congratulations," colleagues would ask, "How much does your horse cost? I mean, what's the on-road price?"

"Ah, certainly less than a car, and the food also costs much less than petrol," would be my reply with smile.

I would wonder if the insurance companies insure the horse like they do for cars.

Yes, I would be ready to accept the chances of peril - tired with the traffic, the horse may throw me down, or if doesn't like the office food, he may kick me in stomach.

Oh, only if wishes were...

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