Thursday, November 30, 2006

Eight Questions

1. Who has got the most nimble fingers among the Indian bowlers?
2. Who is the single most capable leggie who can release the ball with spin that can be described as subtle?
3. Who is the most successful bowler to have claimed ample wickets for India?
4. Which player has kept away from injuries to his ankle?
5. Which player has got spectacle(s), and whose performance itself is a spectacle?
6. Which player has time and again prevented India from a certain debacle?
7. Whose bowling action can be described as very simple?
8. Who is the most humble bowler in Indian cricket team?

Those who have grown up feasting on Bruce Lee jokes, (e.g. which town does Bruce Lee belong to? - Dil-li or Sang-li), would have no problem in guessing the answer to the eight questions above!

Any attempts? Or have you got into a tangle?

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