Sunday, October 08, 2006

Champions Trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy tournament has begun.

Almost all the top teams have arrived in India.

"We want to win the trophy, nothing less" - Pakistan
"Don't call us underdogs, we are hot favourites and will win the trophy" Sri Lanka
"We have done it once, and we will do it again" New Zealand
"The glorious days are back. We want to win this!" The West Indies
"We are here to win the trophy" - England

More or less, with similar words every team has expressed the desire to win. Isn't that the motive? Except for Bangladesh (they, by the way, lost the opening match to Sri Lanka last night) and Zimbabwe, I guess all the teams want to win.

Well, every team is saying, "We have come to India to be the Champions," except for India, themselves. Not that they don't want to win the tournament, they haven't 'come' to India to win.

They are the hosts! And I wish they win too.

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