Monday, September 25, 2006

Daylight Robbery

Yes. I did it. I had to do it. There was no option, but to succumb to temptation. Not out of kleptomania (that's not my quality), but out of compulsion, I fell for it. On the bright afternoon of Saturday, I committed daylight robbery.

I was walking by a music store, and before I could refrain myself, I was already inside, browsing at audio CDs. The section devoted to classical music is not new to me, and I could tell, there was something different today in the arrangement of CDs. Skipping those which I already possess, and skipping those raagaas which I have tried more frequently recently, I came across a curious cover. "MP3 songs," was all that was written on the cover which wore bright colours. A brief look at the back-cover and it held my interest. It was an instrumental CD. It had clarinet, sitar and the to my best interest, harmonium by the legendary Pt. Rambhau Vijapure! Overall the CD seemed to have a very low profile as such - no big labels and no frills. The CD remained just a "MP3 Songs" CD. It contained most enjoyable raagaas - From Malkauns to Malhar, from Bihag to Bhairavi!

And the only reason I call it Daylight Robbery is the price. At Rs 35 (the printed, original price was Rs. 27, which the music store jacked up for their own benefit), it was nothing but a steal!

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