Monday, August 07, 2006

The Rain

It is a gloomy evening.
It is getting dark, and there is no electricity to light up the room.
The darkness is often cracked by the lightening outside.
The crushing sound is almost deafening.
I am awaiting the rain.

Far away on the horizon, the birds seem to be in a hurry.
They hope to reach their homes before it starts pouring.
So, they aren't wasting any time.
In caring even a bit for me.
Who is observing them from far away.

I don't mind.
They must hurry.
Another white crack breaks the dark background.
Lets out a whip-lash like sound.
I am awaiting rain.

And then it starts.
Drawing parallel lines.
Swinging to the tune of the wind.
Spraying thousands of droplets.
That spray lashes my face now.

The wind brings in coolness.
The water brings in softness.
The lightening has stopped now.
And it's but the rain that continues.
To lash the window-pane.

I am still waiting for the rain.
Hoping that it'll arrive soon.
The droplets seem never-ending.
And they are lashing against my face.
Yet, are unable to calm my burning heart!

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