Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pit Stop

The weather is good. By Bangalore standards, I would say it's typical. The traffic is heavy, again, by Bangalore standards, it's typical.

On the busy junction of MG Road and Brigade road, there is traffic jam. I mean, the traffic has come to a halt. The Gods of electricity have taken some time off today, and the traffic lights are suffering. Thank God, it is not stuck at red. As a result, the traffic policemen have taken over the duty of regulating the traffic. As for the metric of performance, their ad-hoc methods end up in least efficiency. I switch off the engine, and await my turn to pass.

Just next to me is a truck, a medium sized truck. It is carrying some plastic chairs etc. for some ceremony. I look at my watch: it has been ten minutes that I am observing this truck. Without moving an inch forward.

Suddenly I notice the cleaner of the vehicle carrying a plastic can. He opens the the fuel tank cap and empties the plastic can. The petrol bunk is good two minutes walk through standing vehicles. Add a minute or two to be spent in the queue for fuel. Add another minute for payment and return payment of change. Well, we are still less than ten minutes.

Huh, what a pit stop!

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