Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Just why?

This whole post may sound cliched, but it's something that I mean (not the cliche!)---

What have they achieved? By killing fifty and hundred people who were innocent in the eye of law and their own morals. Were the deceased marked by them? Or, should we just call it their fate and sigh. Maybe add a couple of tears?

Rhetorics? Answers to these are not expected anyway.

The tempers are heating up. The blame game has begun, as it should. Everyone is under pressure to come up with the culprits, or otherwise the victims' souls may not rest. Or will they ever? Well, forget it: it's the job of law enforcers to enforce the law. Let them do it.

The seed has been sown again. The seed of fear. That grows in a feeling of anything is possible in this world, buddy. Pray. That's one thing you could do. Pray, so that you'll be lucky. You'll not end up in a situation nobody ever wants to be. There are no guarantees: only hopes. It's not your choice, but it is theirs.

Just why it had to be anybody? Or, just why it had to be me?

Rhetorics? Answers to these are not expected anyway.
Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
...into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake
Are we awake, yet? Or is it that we are just trying to nurture the seed and watering it by infinite amount of anger: its best fertilizer, and waiting for it to bear fruits?

Calling them inhuman may set clear walls between us and them; but can that bring back the dead? Or shedding tears? Or punishing the evil doers? Or announcing ex-gratia?

Or writing this post?

Rhetorics? Yes. Answers to these are not expected anyway.

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