Monday, July 10, 2006

Glory and Honour

"Glory must be won and honour must never be lost," they say.

After watching the FIFA WC final last night, my belief in the above statement has only increased. I would not criticise or mis-comment on what and why Zidane did it [partially because I myself have kind of quick temper :-)] but certainly it was not the sign of greatness. I feel pity for him as it was his last international match of his glorious career, and probably the most important match of his life too. And it had to turn out this way. It was the second half of extra time with both teams locked at one-all. At such a crucial stage his act not only doomed himself; but also took away a great deal of morale from his team-mates.

In the era of well-nobody-is-clean, therefore why should I be clean is not a valid question. It may stand in the light of extreme professionalism in any sport, but certainly would not stand in the minds of fans of the sport. Even though I support individuals, ultimately, it is the sport that I long for. Glory that a player may achieve is after all due to the sport itself, isn't it?

On the same day Roger Federer swept away his fourth consecutive The Championship Title. When I watch him play, I wish he was a poet too. Oh, how fluent and sweet his poetry would sound!

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