Monday, July 17, 2006


On the seashore of the Arabian Sea.

As I walk on the wet sand.

I leave my footsteps behind. I press hard. I press hard so that I can make an impression. I press hard so that the impression stays.

The sea is somewhat disturbed. The sky is sheltering saturated clouds on the horizon. Its grey colour, created by infinite dust particles is shadowing the Sun. Erasing any possibility of a colourful sunset.

I walk along. Salt-water with white-froth gives me company. It washes my feet. I allow it.

A few drops fall on my head. I look up. Only to find a sparse cloud splitting above; not much strength in it.

My footsteps are behind me now. But I keep pressing hard.

Wind starts blowing, bringing the distant clouds closer. Bringing memories closer.

It is almost dark now. I await the rains. It will start soon.

I look back - at my footsteps. They are still there: in the past.

It starts raining. Big droplets. Spread everywhere by the blowing wind.

I keep walking. With mixed feelings.

The sea is near-furious. The salt water starts rising higher.

Raindrops. Memories. Sea water. Wind. The dark sky.

And tears.

...make up yet another evening...

I look back. I see my footsteps no more.

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