Monday, May 22, 2006


I guess, the readers were stumped by the question in this post below.

The expression "stumped", no doubt has come from cricket. When a batsman is lured into a shot, later deceived by the flight and turn of the delivery, before landing on to the stumps via ever-alert gloves of the 'keeper.

With the question below, I tried to stump the readers. It had flight: I had thrown in unnecessary details on the physique of the person in the question, added an adjective or two to the place he went. The turning point was, well, he wore track pant and went for a trek.

Now, having italicized the 'spin' in the question, can you crack it?


Comment on the comments:
For the readers who do not know who Naresh Madhwalji is, read my posts on trek to the Valley of Flowers, here and here.

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