Monday, May 01, 2006

The Solution

The answer to the quiz question is given below. Highlight using mouse to read.


The question was, Can you tell me what is common to the following? And the answer is well, nothing.

Now before you start pointing your letter guns or even let out a sarcastic "how very funny" remark, let me take trouble to explain.

I'll start from the third clue, "John D Barrow". He is the famous author of the book, "The book of Nothing"

The second clue was the Greek letter phi. In mathematics, set theory, phi denotes an empty set, or nothing.

The first and the most difficult clue was the Chinese letter. If you could guess, this alphabet signifies nothing in the Chinese script.

So, all in all, the answer to the quiz question is, "There is absolutely nothing common to all the following three clues!"

Hope you liked the answer better than the question itself. I am rather sure of that...

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