Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Being Cyrus

Bottomline (even though it is at the top) : Worth the two odd hours of free time.

It was after a long long time that I went out to see a movie in a cinema hall. It marked my second movie watching experience at a multiplex.

Knowing nothing about the story or having no expectations when you go for a movie generally helps and it specifically helped on this occasion. Apart from knowing that this movie was an English movie made in bollywood, I had no information about it. On the way to the hall, my friend just passed a hint that it was, after all, a thriller movie.

A thriller, made in Bollywood, and that too, in English. Kind of sounded different, but then, kind of OK.

The movie starts on a shaky note - the titles appear on the screen with a shaking composition. Perhaps setting the tone right up front, that it's going to be a shaky start, so : beware!

In a nutshell,
- It is nice to hear Saif Ali Khan speaking English.
- Dimple Kapadia has perfectly over-acted, as demanded by the character.
- Naseeruddin Shah is as comfortable as ever.
- The story drags at times. By intermission, nothing much has happened, and if you are in a rush, you might as well skip the first half.
- The story ends abruptly, as is expected of a thriller.
- There are no songs in the movie, a positive point.
- There are some strange sequences, as if dreams are shown live, but the interpretation is beyond my capacity. So, leave that part.
- The debut performance by Homi Adajania certainly has increased expectations. But, as is the case with a second day of test match, it is not easy!
- Simone Singh is pretty. I still remember her from "Swaabhimaan"

All in all, even though I won't rate this movie by giving any stars or points, it's worth a watch. And yes, worth a blog post, at least.

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