Friday, April 21, 2006

Are you forgetting something?

I am quoting this incidence immediately after it happened. (So if you are in a time zone that lags that of India, you might be reading it live ;) Ok, sorry, sorry, I know, this is no good humour)

I returned home early today for there was a power shutdown at office. By power shutdown, they meant everything would be shut down, including the lighting and heating (cooling, actually). I did not see any point in sitting there, so came back home early.

Obviously, after returning, after an hour or so, as I do every day, I decided to log onto the network. Now, only the half-thought that there is a shutdown happening at the office is enough for you to be skeptical about the possibilities of a remote login from home.

Therefore, when I found out that I could not login to the network, I thought, well, seems like really, everything has been shut down. Being an optimist, I decided to try once again after ~five minutes, hoping to connect this time. But it was not to be.

So, I decided to drop the idea of logging into the office network, and decided to bypass it to check other e-mails and blogs. To tell the plain truth, I could not! I wondered why this should happen! The link light on the broadband modem was stable, and I checked the telephone - it was alive. Bad luck- now I could not even check my personal mails!

At this time, I decided to apply my MTech mind to work, and with a determination, started looking out for the problem. Everything was OK, the IP address was set-up correctly, so was the proxy. There could not be any issue with that - I have been doing the same things over and over again every day - this had to be right, and it was!

This was really puzzling. I was kind of frustrated with this stuff, when I let out my typical Ah!

I had forgotten to connect the Ethernet cable to the laptop.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting, Mr Oke, MTech by qualification, working as a component design engineer with an organisation whose brand is among top five in the world!

Mind you, I never said, all the above things help, either :-)

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