Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sadly, a true story

I have always thought that some disciplines of knowledge and skills are more difficult than other. There is another argument (on the lines of grass is greener..) that people tend to think things they are doing are simpler than those others are doing. Even after considering this argument, I find some fields to be just too demanding and plainly, very tough for my reach.

Medical profession is one of those.

I think it's THE critical profession, where there is absolutely no room for complacency or mediocrity. It's matter of life and death after all. Long time ago, when I was preparing for my HSC, there used to be some topics that would be left untouched. We were insured of getting away with that, thanks to "Solve any three out of five" types of questions - we made sure we could solve three. Yes, but not "any" three. Essentially, I cannot say, I was totally 100% prepared for any exam. That's impossible. Even the examiners know that.

But in medical profession there no such "solve any three out of five" type concept. Every piece of knowledge is equally important. I have always drawn my share of inspiration out of such "toughness" of professions.

Here is the sad part of the story -

There is this medical college in my hometown. It has, over time, gained some good reputation too. Some of the students there were concerned about non-availability of a good teacher for one of the subjects. (You might have noted, I have not annotated the adjective "important" to subject, as all of them are important!). And being good students, they went to the director of the institute and explained their concern. It's important to note what I mean by "director" here - he is a political leader, a former MLA (and I think MP too). He is the big hand and force behind the educational institutions (read, money making industries). What makes this story even more sad, is that he himself is a doctor.

After listening to the students' demand, this "respected and popular leader" calmly replied, "guys, what do you want to do? Do you want to learn or pass the exam? I'll make sure that you all pass the exam - don't ask me for this." When the students said, "sir we want both - we want to learn and pass the exam too," the honourable leader was furious.

I never got to know what happened next, but it's not very difficult to guess.

Such times are testing times. Such incidents try to give a huge dent to Faith. Faith in the system, faith in ourselves. Faith in excellence.

But I guess, it makes us stronger ultimately. Even though these leaders don't show the path to follow, at least they end up in showing paths not to take!

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