Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"And then there were none..."'s commentator in chief, with reference to the great Indian batting collapse. Congratulations to Flintoff and his team for leveling the series.


It's was only yesterday that Gaurav posted this on innovative email scams. Today afternoon, as I open my mailbox, I see a mail from "Hajia Zainab Abdulkarim" with subject, "Wasalaam to you." Now today, I have some time on hand, so with curiosity, I read on.

The mail is, of course, spam.

The sender is actually as "she" sender - I gather this after I am halfway through, were the sender says, "my husband died one year ago."

Now whoever she is, she is dying, of some liver disease. She claims that her late husband has left her a fortune (shares and a lot of liquid cash from trading in oil companies, or something like that).

The whole point of writing such a long mail to me, in particular, is that, she wants to give me all this money, so that I can use it for holy purposes, and all that.

What has touched me the most is the following concluding sentence :
"Until I hear from you by email, my dreams will rest squarely on your shoulders."

How touching!

What do you guys say? Shall I reply?

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