Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Page III Headlines

Over the lunch, someone shared this invaluable information with me -

Seems like the ToI page III journalists(!) take down the words by some famous personality or the other - right from a latest TV interview, add some masala to it and publish the next day.

I did not have much trouble accepting it. Although I do not read ToI, (and it's not that only ToI is suffering from such new journalism techniques) I can pretty much imagine how it could be done.

As a matter of fact, I can come up with some spicy news stories in no time -

Actress Ms Anderson denies having affair with Kenyan acquaintance. (No harm - she has only denied - the author is safe is claiming this: People wouldn't bother to read this line either - the picture would take most of the PIII space anyway)

Fashion idol The Rock is suffering from back pain - According to our correspondence, sensational The Rock has been suffering from severe back pain since (his) childhood. He said, it was due to his bad habit of lifting his dog with his left hand. (Still no harm, not even a single PIII reader would take pains of finding out if The Rock is fond of his dog, which weighs only a couple of kilos)

According to a latest research, it may be safe to eat figs after a little booze. According to our sources, in the latest research done in University of York, the scientists have given green signal to the latest craze of three-figs-after-hard-drinks-parties. There were some concerns about liver integrity as was published in another research paper earlier this year. (There are people in this world who have no better problems to work on - they provide PIII journalists with food for thought)

Any comments?

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