Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I get these spam calls all the time - credit cards, debit cards, housing loans, personal loans, education loans, telephone companies trying to push their pre-paid cards into my post-paid connection and what not.

I really don't care what they say. I keep humming.

Then today I got this call, [these ladies will give their names without even asking - how nice :)]

"Hello, Good morning Sir"

{Oh no not again} "Yes"

"Hi, this is Sneha calling from ICICI Bank"

{Ok, the name rings a bell - she is calling again!} "OK"

"Sir, ICICI bank is offering personal loan sir"

{Nothing personal here - it's all professional} "OK"

"We have quite competitive interest rates."

{When is she going to hang up?} "OK"

"We are offering you personal loan upto 13 lacs, at 0% interest and 0.05% processing fees."

{That's it. Enough.} "No. Thank you, I am not interested"

"Ok. Thanks. Have a nice day sir!"

{uff. It was easy to hang up this time. She didn't ask why I was not going for the loan.}



Even the call center employee who goes by the name of Sneha can play intelligent prank. And of course, people like me can fall for it!


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