Friday, February 24, 2006


The answer to this quiz question is as follows:

(without any comments with regard to the difficulty level of the question)

The three personalities are - Paul Otellini (CEO, Intel Corp), Steve Jobs (CEO, Apple) and Walt Disney (he doesn't need any introduction).

You may call it an anticlimax (or a poorly framed quiz question), but the connection is like this -

Steve and Paul were in news recently, as Apple announced shipping of first powerbooks and iMacs using Intel's processors.

Steve Jobs is the crucial link here - He had very high stakes in the amazing animation company called, The Pixar Animation Studios, which gave us the hits like Toy Story (I and II), A bug's life, monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, and the most recent, The Incredibles. Recently, The Walt Disney Company announced that it had taken over Pixar.

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