Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Bright little yellow flowers, and
a golden shower of sunrays,
They remind me of my childhood days.

A tiny little shovel and a bucket full of water,
I had gone out in my beautiful garden
With clear thoughts, only to return mud-laden.

Under the shining Sun, sweating,
I dug and and cleared the land,
Looked at the sapling which held on to my hand.

"One day, I will grow up, and break into a blossom,
Standing all the rains and winter,"
I heard the sapling's soft soft whisper.

I caressed its two tiny leaves, smiled,
"Yes little buddy, I know for sure,
but for the time being, let me take your care"

Out of my window, I kept watch and
With a lot of love and sweat on the brow,
Looked after my friend, who went on to grow.

Autumn and spring took their turns, and
Like he had said, it was not only he that grew,
It was me too, as the time just flew.

Today, into dream flowers, it has blossomed,
I see the colourful threads which had us bound.
What's the big deal? Pretty normal did it sound?

All my years and all my days, - and efforts? Yes,
Finally have reached its final destination,
Cheers! After all, it is my first ever Creation.

I Planted a tree and took care of it, blah!
I could write on and on, about it - about my Creation,
Yet how could I really convey the feeling that's called satisfaction?

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