Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No Comments

I am amused by the random processes happening around me. Consider the following examples of the underlying random variables -

- Number of people present in the office rest room when you go there
- Number of coffee mugs available in the pantry area
- The exact time when you enter the office
- The number of key-strokes you make per day
- The number of rice-grains you eat per day
- Total number of calls you make/receive per day
- Total number of comments this particular post will receive

Yes, and that has been the most intriguing random variable! Although random, it has followed a pattern. I am at times surprised to see no comments on a post which I was quite eager to receive. And some relatively low-grade post (I won't reveal the criterion which I use to rate my own posts, though) attracts a lot of [positive] comments.

Then there is this category of Anonymous people posting anonymous comments. I do not understand what stops them from making a comment, positive or otherwise, which they know I won't use as any evidence against them. Sigh! Anonymous will be anonymous.

The problem with them is that you can't even quote them!

So, now, let me guess how many comments this post attracts :-)

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