Friday, January 13, 2006


It all started in the year 2003, when Intel launched its platform called, Centrino. It was seen as a major initiative (or rather fire-fighting from Intel's perspective, at a time when the Mobile computing market was not showing positive indicators) that brought focus back to the Mobile Computing.

When I joined Intel, the only thing I thought that was different from the traditional laptops, was the in-built WLAN. Around that time I was working for another organisation which was designing WLAN chips. And I was part of that design team. Now I know, platform means not only the Wireless LAN, but a whole lot of other things. A platform essentially consists of a processor, the chipset for memory interface and/or the graphics support, and the wireless communicatively. It's not only that, however, a platform means a complete solution for the OEMs, be they small or Big. I guess enabling the small OEMs to design and manufacture a complete mobile computing product has been the key in success of the platform. Intel can provide most of the ingredients, you are welcome to add any spices and then you are ready to cook!

I will not go into details, but I feel, going forward, Intel's platform strategy is certain to see success. Already the indications are that sometime soon the Mobile market is going to catch up with the desktop. I could give another analogy - land-lines (desktop) v/s mobile phones (laptops). Though not accurate in every sense (telephone market is just too huge as compared to the compute market), I guess it conveys the message.

Last week Intel India launched the next generation Centrino platform, called Centrino Duo. There was a big ceremony with high profile press conference etc at Mumbai. Intel India tried to project this platform as something close to Made-in-India. Although Intel cannot claim it with anywhere near the Made-in-India stamp, India design centre has had a significant contribution to the design.

Come next year, I might be able to boast of having done a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent contribution to the next Centrino platform. Till then, it's back to work :)

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