Tuesday, November 15, 2005


"Black and white, yet cunningly colourful", are the words which I would like to use to describe Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca. Based on the famous novel by Daphne Du Maurier, this was the first of the films made based on the same novel.

Now when I say it seemed colourful despite being filmed on a black and white cellulose film, you must watch it to confirm. Be it the scene inside Late Mrs De Winter's beautiful room or the scene in the mysterious outhouse near the seashore - every frame had enough intelligence so that the viewer could actually paint the real picture in his mind. The tragedy of Manderley, the majestic mansion where the De Winter family lived must have been as real as it could get. I doubt if Hitchcock used any special effects to show the mansion burning. I exclaimed to my room-mate, "Hey, even though the film is black and white, don't you think the flames are actually looking yellow?" It was so realistic.

A must watch for Hitchcock fans.

And I have already added Rebecca on my book wishlist!

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