Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Country roads, take me home...

I like train journey. It generally gives a lot of time to complete the backlog of thinking.

This time on my train, there were a couple of policemen from Mumbai. And there was a con-man too! This fellow was handcuffed. The police was not so co-operative with him, but by any standards, was not rude to him as well. He was offered a decent, full railways made lunch, was given a seat and was allowed to sleep (at the taxpayer's expense, I guess).

I was alert for any escape attempts to which I would have been a eye witness. But fortunately for the police and to my disappointment, there was no attempt made. The prisoner on train was a cool fellow, so to say. Or maybe he was too tired of running and hiding.

It was around midnight when the ticket checker arrived with another passenger. It so happened that a fellow traveler in my compartment did not report his ticket to the concerned checker and was roaming in the train. Now, this _concerned_ checker had arrived with the RAC-passenger to offer him the seat. After 30 minutes of heated discussion, the TT had to return empty handed (and perhaps he already had his pocket warmed by the RAC-passenger, and the RAC passenger was now getting warmed up). I had learnt this lesson earlier from someone else's experience. First show up your ticket then go anywhere on the train, go meet the guard or the driver may it be.

After 29 hours of journey comprising of auto-rikshaw, train, bus and then our Indica, I finally reached home.

29 hours is a lot of time to complete the backlog of thinking...

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