Monday, November 21, 2005


Warning /disclaimer : Read this post completely at your own risk.
It's purely fictional. References to any person living or dead are not to be analysed nor believed.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, president of the state of India has to travel a lot. I guess he has his own jet (equivalent to the air force one of President of the US), and flies this plane whenever he is on official tour of some state.

A problem came to the notice of the journalists traveling on board: something was always wrong. The ever-ready officials reporting to the President always seemed to be very much skeptical about Mr President's orders when in flight. They just seemed to ignore them. The President managed his time well, and prepared for a presentation or two during the flight. Often he was in need of some quick data or a quick second opinion on his decisions. And nobody bothered to co-operate him on the flight. This became too obvious to the fellow reporters and journalists' gang flying with the president.

Mr X, reporter for a well known newspaper in India decided to investigate it (anyways, there was hardly anything he could do in the flight anyway) and gave it a thought or two.

First thing he started interviewing the crew. They seemed to have noticed it too. But apart from that they couldn't provide much explanation.

Mr X then had no choice but to approach the government officials directly.

"Why are you not listening to the president, I say!", he demanded of a senior official.


"Well what? He seems to be thinking so much, he is using this flight time so efficiently, and you guys are not co-operating. What's wrong?"


"This is no good at all."

"OK. It is like this. How are we expected to listen to him and carry out his orders?"

"WHAT? He is the president of India, and you are serving him. What kind of question is that?"

"Yeah I know he is president of India. But so what?"


"President hein to kya hua. woh to hawa mein baat kar rahein hein"

Now, come come, I warned you before you started reading. Didn't I?

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