Monday, October 10, 2005


I needed rain badly.

I couldn't wash myself clean of what I had done. The more I wanted to clean it, even more was I actually messing it up, when finally I accepted that I had sinned. I could see it now. I had never believed it, and neither did I see any motive to do so. Again, it was one of the negative points of having too much of thinking power concentrated on a wrong target. And I was supposed to realise that on my own. One day. A pinch of hint added to a glaring example (now so visible to me) did wonders. It started drizzling. And then, pouring, sooner.

I saw no reservations whatsoever in accepting my sins. And I did. The rains were, well, Godsend. It rained and rained. And I took the lashes head on. I wanted to be clean. Clean, for ever. This required tremendous amount of drops. And God was with me, for He sent more! Until I could see myself clean, he relentlessly sent down the fluid. I never realised when a drop or two were actually contributed by my watery eyes.

And then it was done. It was over. I was reborn. The night was over. For ever. So was the filth. Never to come back again.

My thoughts shone in the gold of the first morning rays. The clouds, where were they now? And suddenly I saw them, all clad in white, smiling.

Perhaps it was not only me who had shed tears the previous day. Those clouds were also sad for me. Always have they been with me, and this time they had to help me wash. And they did.

But most importantly, they were smiling with me now. The rays were polishing fluffy skin of merry clouds. The clouds were enjoying the re-birth as much I was. And God was relieved!

Suddenly, I felt a few drops on my head. I saw up. I knew, the tears were of joy...

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