Wednesday, October 05, 2005

O Flower

Cool wind dancing all around, brings me thoughts so fair,
and breeze from the mountains, sprinkles droplets on my hair,
Buds of the yesterday, never knew when became flowers of today.
Roses so wild and lilies so bright, dew-drops basking in the ray.

River water makes sounds sonorous, accompanies my thoughts,
The blue sky above majestic, to the flowers below then asks,
"What a strange character this, searching for what treasure?
There! he walks all by himself, never knew came from where!"

Thou red, shining yellow, blue and pink, purple O flowers,
Shades so infinite, and colours so divine, sigh, fail my words,
Happy and gay, running with the winds I say, O heavens,
Moments as these, be frozen forever for beings lucky like us.

All the flowers in the world, bloom in front of me, yet I sigh,
I long for The Flower which I miss, want me to tell you why?
Kind winds please do me a favour : send these moments to my Flower,
For without you, such a beauty could never be complete, O my dear!

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