Thursday, September 29, 2005

Rona nahin, warna...

During the regular chat over lunch, someone remarked at an incident involving an American kid.

Supposedly, the kid had done mischief to bother the parents and invited anger upon him. The parents had taken their anger out and beaten this kid. The kid being (over?)smart, called up 911 and complained against his parents. 911 officials were more than happy to help this poor kid who was beaten as a punishment. If I were a born-and-brought-up-in-the-US person, I would not raise my eyebrows upon knowing that the 911 officials actually came to the kid's "rescue" and took him away. And then the poor parents would have to claim their son back after a legal battle in the courtroom. Now, they say legal process is fast in the US : what a good news!

How different are the ways of life here in India. I remember my parents asking me to stop howling and crying by threatening, "Stop it now, or police will come and take you away". Well, that's precisely what happened in case of this kid in US. The police came and took him away. Only in his case, the kid himself would have said, "WHAT?? Stop crying?? You don't threaten me like that, I myself will call the police!" And wonder what! That worked.

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