Monday, September 26, 2005

On the movies I watched over last three-four months---

- Paheli : An Amol Palekar flick. The cellulose takes a dip in innumerable colours, but in the end fails to involve the audience in the festival. Rani Mukherjee seemed to be a confused woman throughout (or perhaps that was what Amol Palekar intended her to be). The end was too abrupt, with Amitabh Bacchan's "wasted" appearance. I will always remember this movie for some other reasons, however. This movie solved The Puzzle, should I say!

- The Interpreter : Director Sydney Pollack's name did ring a bell, but didn't quite open the door before I looked up IMDB and checked his other films. The film is an interesting thriller, without much blood shedding (except for a bomb blast in a bus). Nicole Kidman proves her character yet again with a solid performance.

- My Fair Lady : George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion comes live on the silver screen, all enlightened by cheerful Audrey Hepburn. There were times when I could see our own Bhakti Barve in the role of ManjuLa, in Pu La's "tii phularaaNi". My Fair Lady did not quite touch my heart as PhularaaNi did, perhaps if I had seen My Fair Lady before phularaaNI, it would have. I found accented "raayen in spaayen staayes mayenly in playen" dialogue sounded far better than a plain "rain in spain stays mainly in plain"! A wonderful musical anyways.

- Seven Samurai : I finally got my hands on Akira Kurosawa's classic. I had heard so many good things about this movie. They were playing on my mind when I was watching the movie. The meta-thought about the movie was all in my head initially. But soon I got too much involved in this movie, and in the end more than agreed to the reviews I had read earlier. Indeed, this black and white movie, succeeds in bringing all the colours of life alive.

- The Hidden Fortress : Another one by Akira Kurosawa. A hilarious tale of a courageous princess and the kingdom's chief-of-army, and two peasants in search of hidden, royal gold. Kurosawa's movies never disappoint.

- Pretty Woman : I accidently found it running on one of the movie channels. Julia Roberts is at her second best (first one, without doubt is "Notting Hill"). Richard Gere tried hard to be at par, but I guess failed short!

- Dr Strangelove : I wish the DVD had been more audible. It is supposed to be a classic by Kubrick, but to be frank, I failed to appreciate even five minutes of its reel. Blame it on the poor audio quality or perhaps the acoustics of the Physics Dept's lecture hall.

- Some Like it Hot : My first Merilyn Monroe movie. Hugely entertaining, from the start to the end. Subtle, loud, hidden, ..., whatever styles of humour one can list, all were there. I guess the elders would hail it as "movie of our time"!

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