Friday, September 16, 2005


I wish I could read all those white letters on light grey background. I wish I could see that blood red bird flying higher and higher up in the yellow sky. I long for a day when I can look at my face in the pitch black mirror and sigh, how badly I want it to be darker blue. The yellow waters of the sea, and the purple coconut trees on its shore : I don't remember when I visited the black sea last time.

I wish I could see.

The bitter taste of sugar lingers. It is kind of addictive. Then a lemon adds certain spice to the recipe. As a starter, sweet raw onions would do during an unimaginative supper, but not for a seven course meal such as this : it needs to be started with sour milk.
The guest of honour would not mind more chilly in his ice cream, he once mentioned, he rather liked it.

I wish I could taste.

The huge wheels of my tiny bicycle finally started rolling. With herculean efforts, I started riding it down the steep downhill. The beautiful crickets in the night were howling like a silent nightingale. Over the east horizon I could see the sun rising, challenging the darkness of the receding night.

I wish I could imagine.

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I wish I could speak.



I wish I could think.

And there you fail! Even after continued efforts at writing nonsense, you fail. Just when I was wondering this post had achieved the objectives, I start thinking these sentences I am now writing. And when I am done with this particular sentence, I have assured myself that this post is after all not about nonsense. Exactly at what stage I realised this? When I decided to name it, "nonsense".

I wish I could write nonsense.

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