Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Run Forrest, run!

Sports and I have been close friends for ages now.

I still remember how reluctant I used to be when aai would ask me to go to the playground. I just didn't like it somehow. At least initially. Then I joined Gymnastics classes in standard 2. Since then I guess I am involved in some or the other sports activities. If there is nothing else, jogging is the simplest yet enjoyable type of sports and physical exercise.

I was in a good mood today, walking at a brisk pace to catch my 8:20 bus. Whistling and almost jumping, I was thinking all about this, when I saw an Obelix-like fellow. He was heavily built, the belly spilling out of his trousers, he was holding a big bag of potato chips (or something like that). I was wondering if he had ever known to play any sports. I have nothing against being obese by liking (actually, I myself am trying to put on a few kgs so that I fall in a healthy height-to-weight ratio range), yet this fellow was really fat. I know Obelix wouldn't like that statement, yet I must underline it.

Re-gathering my dropped speed, and making up for a wasted second or two, I scurried ahead. He was about ten paces ahead of me. I was wondering if people such as this Mr. F, would ever increase their walking speeds by 10%, when something strange happened. This fellow sprang to his feet, threw the empty snack bag in the dust-bin around the corner, and started gathering speed. When I looked in the direction of his sprint, I was further surprised to find two other young men running towards the crossroads. And there was one more leading the group.

All were dressed very well, ready to dash into the office. Why such a sudden sprint, I could not guess. Just out of curiosity, I also started walking faster.

When I reached the crossroads, the puzzle was solved. I found that Mr F was boarding his company bus. I guess others had already boarded...

Well, it is absolutely not necessary to go to a huge ground for exercises of body, if there is a will, one can catch up with them anywhere, even while going to the office :)

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