Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Remember : Never Forget This

I nearly forgot to publish this post. I almost forgot. And I forgot to publish this post.

I look at the goldfish in the fish-pond in my drawing room and try to sympathize with it. It is a lovely creature, but suffers from a short term memory loss syndrome. The poor thing can't even remember since when it has been suffering. I try to focus on the three objects in that pond that keep the Goldfish think it is in a new environment every five seconds or so.

I realise I have been suffering from such strange phenomenon lately. I keep forgetting matters. Be it the morning breakfast, name of a book or even a trivial thing such as, oh no, I forgot. See it? It could be devastating you know. I forget the meetings at office and even outside. Even if I don't forget a meeting, I forget where it is and what it is for. It would be so great if people I am supposed to go and meet would come and meet me : on time.

I forget to return calls, I forget to make calls. Sometimes I feel all this is really not my calling, so I call it off. The I skip dinners, sometimes lunch as well if my colleagues forget to call me. The next stage has been that I started forgetting the bus timings, and started missing the bus. "You have missed the bus", when my manager told me that, I couldn't figure what exactly he meant by that. I couldn't care less anyway.

I forget so many things (well, is that statement necessarily true? Is it verifiable? Is it verifiable by me?)

I was not like this before I don't remember how long ago. There is not a particular time-period which I can quote since when I started facing this problem. It's a collection of days and months together, over which I have been infected. I don't think it is contagious, or even if it so, my infected contact forgot to mention this to me. And I am sure I won't be able to do so myself in case people around me get infected by this via me.

I had begun writing this post quite a few days ago. I don't have to give reasons for its being delayed to appear on the web. Today occidentals I found out this post lying at the bottom of the TODO list. I thought I should finish it today.

The problem with such posts is that once postponed, the thoughts wouldn't return. I have completely forgotten why I had started with this post at all : so I make up some things and finish it anyway!

By the way, I am wondering why I had to mention a Goldfish in a fish pond in my room which never existed...

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