Monday, July 04, 2005

I was down with a high fever over the last two days. I was prescribed quite a few pills of strong medicinal value. One of them, a C-vitamin tablet beared name "Celin".

Q : If Celin[e] is the name of C-vitamin tablet, what would a D-vitamin tablet be called?

A : Dion!

The only thing I like about the Health Center, IISc is the collection of Readers' Digest. I always find a story or two quite amusing despite unhealthy state of my body. This time I read,

"I was employed by a software firm. While working I always wondered what fun it would be if I played games throughout the day! And what happened was just that : I was next hired by a computer game company. My job was to test out the games. Once during the working hours, my boss came over, and in the heat of moment, I quit the game immediately and opened an Excel sheet and started pretending. "It would be great if you didn't waste any time on such nonsense and got started playing the game...!", my boss almost shouted at me"


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