Sunday, May 01, 2005

It's only books and books that all I have...

I was planning to make a list of books read in this semester. Here it goes :

  1. Of Human Bondage : A W Somerset Maugham classic. Glimpses of W S M's own life, a little bit of autobiographical tale of a young and the multicoloured threads of bonds between him and people in his life.
  2. Cakes and Ale : Another W S M classic. A water-coloured portrait of Rosie, W S M's favourite character. Moving. Really.
  3. The Moon and Sixpence : Landscapes of London, Paris, Marseilles and Tahiti, involving a touching story of Charles Strickland (based on the painter Paul Gauguin). This book confirmed W S M as my favourite author.
  4. Peony : Pearl S Buck. A love story. Of devotion and parting. As fresh as the flowers of Peony.
  5. The Hidden Flower: Another Pearl S Buck gem! The love and sorrow of an American-Japnese couple. Nobody can write better love stories than Pearl S Buck I am convinced.
  6. The Fountainhead : Ayn Rand. ( ) {I utterly fail to think of words to describe this one}
  7. The Da Vinci Code : Dan Brown. The bestseller. Very well written, fast paced and a true page turner.
  8. My Son's Father : Dom Moraes. I had read an article in the Hindu after this Indian poet's demise. This is the first part of his auto-biographical writings.
  9. Gone Away : Dom Moraes. The second part. The author returns to India from England, and is in search of adventure. The most memorable excerpts are about his interviewing Nehru, and his journey in the mountains of Himalaya.
  10. Einstein's Dreams : Allan Lightman. Einstein dreams about the nature of time, and the result is most intriguing. A must read, if you haven't read it yet!
  11. The Happy Prince and other stories : Oscar Wilde classic. Fairy tales.
  12. October the First is too late : Fred Hoyle. I have already written at length about this one.
  13. प्रश्न आणि प्रश्न : अनिल अवचट.
  14. दास डोंगरी राहतो : गो. नी. दांडेकर. समर्थ रामदासांची कहाणी, गोनीदांच्या रसाळ भाषेत.

I guess this list will keep growing as the time unfolds!

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