Monday, June 07, 2004

Oskar Schindler's List

I finally got an opportunity to watch "Schindler's list". After watching "Life is Beautiful" and "The Pianist" , I thought some of the scenes were giving deja-vu feeling. But all in all it is a great movie. About two and half hours of black and white (thankfully, there was no red in the movie) it left me more introvert than ever. I could imagine beasts and evils from novels and fictions, but that there existed men of flesh so cruel has always given me shocks. How could a person behave in such an unhumanely way to another just because he follows different principles and some dictator thinks that he is of superior race. Sometimes I feel, what a great leader Hitler had been. He could get the fellow-men to follow his racist principles.

At the same time I feel, while jews were going through all this torture for about 4 years, what the rest of the world was up to? Wasn't there something called Amnesty International or Human Rights Association at that time? Or is it that the world was not knowing about all this? I mean, today if some such news comes out, the world will put restrictions on its trade and other things.

It is also surprising that the country Israel which was a mere barren land offered to the jews, is also adopting militant policy against the arabs and the gaza people.

Strange are the ways of world politics.

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