Friday, January 02, 2004

o The new year is here. And it has brought a fantstic news with it. The results of our first semester exams are out and guess what, I have topped my class, with a GPA of 8/8, which is considered quite rare a phenomenon. Sounds good, really good. This is for the first time since my school-days that I have topped my class, and how!

o My friend Ganesh (he is ME Micro topper) observed that I had kept no room for improvement, does not sound very comfortable, does it? That puts a great responsibilty on my shoulders. Well, let it be, I am ready for it.

o My class-mate Kapil dropped the course registration sheet on the floor, which made me comment "you just dropped your course son!"

o The fourth and final test match has begun, 283/3 at stumps is a good score to begin with. The good news is that Sachin's batting well. There has been lots and lots of speculation about His form, but He has let his bat speak the words of reply. Thats the way to do it.

o Wonderful site this : Everythings from the horses' mouths --- A Nobel site.

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