Monday, January 05, 2004

Jhankaar Beats, Waisa bhi hota hain and samay

Jhankaar Beats, Waisa bhi hota hain and Samay may not have got much proclaim at the box office, but that won't take away any credit from them.

These films, released in 2003 demonstrate how the hindi movies have started to come of age. Common characteristic of all these movies is that there is not much of story to tell, yet the films succeed in conveying a lot. The humour is crisp, the plot is well compliacted to make the audience think ahead of what is happening. One thing I have always observed in the Hindi Films is that they never make you think. Somehow the directors are always reluctant in presenting a complicated story. A few emotional movies move you in the end, but that kind of involvement is different than that achieved in by above films. This make-one-think policy is very much characteristic of English movies, probably thats why I have always liked English films better.
Another common thing about these movies is that all of them have been directed by debutant fellows!

I am eagerly waiting for their next ones.

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